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Henry Purcell: Odes cover

Henry Purcell: Odes

Ottavo OTR C79555
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> She was the first who did inspire

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Alle titels van deze CD

Great Parent, Hail
01 Instrumental introduction
02 SATB: Great Parent, Hail! all Hail to Thee
03 A: Another Century commencing
04 Ritornello, AT: After War&#8217;s, Alarms repeated
05 B: Awful Matron take thy Seat
06 T Chorus: She was the first who did inspire
07 AB: Succeeding Princes next recite
08 Chorus: But chiefly Recommend to Fame

If ever I more riches did desire
09 Symphony
10 S Chorus B: If ever I more riches did desire
11 S I &amp; II: Me, O ye Gods on Earth or else so near
12 T Chorus: Here let my Life with as much silence slide
13 S Chorus: To him, alas, to him I fear

Welcome Song, 1685
14 T Chorus: Why, why are all the Muses mute - Symphony
15 T Chorus: When should each soul exalted be
16 A Ritornello: Britain, thou now are great, art great indeed!
17 ATB Chorus: Look up, and to our Isle returning see
18 B: Accurs&#8217;d rebellion reared his head
19 S I &amp; II: So Jove, scarce settled in his sky
20 Ritornello
21 A B: Caesar for milder virtues honour&#8217;d more
22 B Chorus: The many-headed beast is quelled at home
23 B I &amp; II: In the equal balance laid
24 A Chorus: O how blest is the Isle to which Caesar is given

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